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Frontaclues(tm) —

The Frontaclues are provided to assist you with further enjoyment of the It Is Pitch Dark video.

Have you found:

  • The KOZMO.COM dropbox?
  • The copy of the BBS Documentary?
  • The 8″ Floppy version of Planetfall?
  • The two Apple Lisas?
  • The original artwork of Planetfall?
  • The Wico Joystick?
  • The cow-colored Macintosh SE?
  • A copy of “Masterpieces of Infocom”?
  • The Cat-o’ Cat-5 tails?

Have you tried:

  • Reading all the rooms in the “map” sequence? (There’s over 30)
  • Figuring out how many Infocom games get references? (At least 10)

  • Discerning how the shot of Frontalot being reflected in the Apple II screen was done?
  • Hiring me for your next music video?

A small note: As you might guess, Frontalot’s video as it will appear on the GET LAMP DVD set will have a number of extra features wrapped into it, including alternate angles and shots.

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  2. tyger says:

    The Cat-o’ Cat-5 tails?

    It’s either cat-5 o’ 9 tails, or cat-5 cat o’ 9 tails, NOT cat-o’ cat-5 tails.

  3. TheadaClete says: – great domain name for blog like this)))