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Frontalot Video Released (Completely) —

So everyone who reads this weblog has been hearing of this video since I started working on it. So here’s the big day when you can get a copy of it.

When it was made, Frontalot and I had a handshake deal: I shot it for him, he could release it when he wanted, and I could release it on the final GET LAMP project down the line. Well, today he released it on his website.

There’s a bunch of local copies I have as well, and for the impatient, there’s a youtube version. It’s quite something to see a 1280×720 music video squelched down that far; it doesn’t look that bad, but you can’t actually make out a lot of detail we put in. So choose wisely, music video warrior.

There’s not much else I can say about this sub-project that I haven’t said somewhere in these entries:

Would I do it again? I’d be setting up the first shot before you got halfway through the request.

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  1. fuzz says:

    Just watched it, pure geek genius, I could probably watch it 10 times just to see how many bit’s of old computer I could spot (is there an A500 in the box?)

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow, a brilliant video, I’ve not heard much of MC Frontalot, but the lyrics are brilliant, and the video very much perfect for them.

    Good work, watched it a good few times already 🙂 I never even played Zork either.

  3. Church says:

    This is brilliant. Very nice work.

    Now I want to write a Frontalot IF…

  4. Michael Kohne says:

    Oh man, I wanted to like this. The lyrics are great, the video is wonderful, but…it’s hip-hop. I just can’t make myself like hip-hop. P

    I’m really glad Frontalot does this, and I’m super glad that you did the video with him, because I finally had a perfect test case – did I not like hip-hop, or did I not like the hip-hop songs I’d heard? Or the performers?

    Nope, turns out I don’t like hip-hop. Which is too damn bad, because Frontalot has a lot to like. And of course, it makes me feel old.

    Anyone out there setting Frontalot’s lyrics to some Rock music for us old fogies?

  5. UnIx says:

    Very nice video. Great.