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My Approaching Delightful CD Crisis —

Archivists don’t always talk about it, but you have to do refreshes occasionally if you really want your stuff to survive. Pawing through piles, blowing off dust, scrubbing down computers. It doesn’t matter how nice your facility is but you have to do these things. And my facility (my house) ain’t so nice. I’ve been going through my collections/projects in my office and found a bunch of stuff that I have to get moving on.

Among this is, that erstwhile collection of shareware CD-ROMs and CD-ROM-based archive stuff that has ballooned well past every other site on Weighing in around 205gb, it’s just a monster to deal with. But that’s not the problem.

The problem is I’m about to triple its size.

Some time ago, I was asked to provide ISO images of these CD-ROMs where possible, providing pristine digital captures of the data. I agreed, along with label scans and the rest. These will be added to over time. Additionally, I’ll be adding Apple Macintosh disks, in some way that makes sense. (It’s a little weird to add them.) I have over 100 of those to add. And their ISOs.

So really, there’s this cascading flood of data I’m about to blow out onto the net. It’s going to make a lot more stuff available. It’s going to be quite exciting. It’s also meant I bought another hard drive I’m installing into the server, a 750gb, to handle all this incoming data.

This, and all the similar issues I’m encountering, are delightful crises; the problem of too much stuff, the problem of too much interesting things to do, the problem of so many things to accomplish. My days are not filled with aimless wandering; they’re filled with excitement of wondering which amazing thing to work on, and how much more of stuff to add to the piles.

It’s a busy bunch of months ahead, indeed.

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  1. Fred Blasdel says:

    There’s no point in storing the same exact data twice! If you really want the ‘pristine’ ISOs of the CDs, use a shell script to mount all of them as filesystems! With FUSE + AVFS you can even mount ZIPs and RARs and whatnot.

  2. Dezro says:

    Mac discs? That is pretty awesome of you! Thank you very much, there.

    Oh, the anticipation is killing me! I wonder if there are many HyperCard stacks?

  3. Jason Scott says:

    The issue with using the ISOs live for FUSE is twofold. First of all, it’s somewhat resource intensive, and second of all, it assumes the arrangement is exactly the same between the two entities. And it’s not.

    But I appreciate someone wanting my life to be better/easier. The ISOs will be compressed, saving hundreds of megabytes along the way.

  4. Wow, I totally am still finding more and more game preservation stuff. I’m so new to this – neat to see game shareware there!

    Anyway, great blog, and this project of yours sounds really good – for Shareware CD’s, I presume these are just things like magazine front page CD’s? And you’re looking for donations, of any specific time period? (I myself am not that old, but my Dad on the otherhand…).

    I was also reading about this site (which I for some reason never found before) on wikipedia, shame about people having legal issues with the content. I don’t know anyone else recording this kind of history.

    Okay, long comment over 🙂 Hope you have enough space for all the content! and I will help contribute if I can.