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Health Update —

…because it’s no good for the projects I’m working on if I die!

Simply put, my muscle mass has increased significantly this year, and so my weight, that is, the basic number, has risen. If I went by the number alone, I’d look pretty bad, but my body mass index is going more towards the muscle and away from being a big marshmallow, which is where it was. Even looking at the Defcon video I linked to, I can see the difference in my shoulders and gait. I’ve moved, as of last week, to a much more intense schedule, where I’m going to the gym on any night I’m at home. (Obviously I don’t go while traveling in other states, where I can’t get to the gym and am running around for the sake of the production).

For my trip to Seattle/Oregon and PAX, I drove over 800 miles in the weekend to be able to interview people, and that took a toll on my legs, making them beyond sore and contributing to more kidney stones (or maybe just aggravating already extant stones, which is more likely). So there are times I just can’t run for an hour, and I have to concentrate on upper body stuff. So be it.

The point is, I’m not stopping. I’ve passed the gate, I’m over the hump, I’m doing this thing. Workouts are now a part of my life and I don’t know if it’ll make me look like a sculpture or if it’ll just be something in the background that explains why I pick stuff up easier. Either way things go, I know I’m doing myself some big favors that will help me down the line.

Now, check out these guns! Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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  1. Charlie says:

    Beefcake! Way to go! Getting in shape is as hard as quitting smoking!