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You are Likely to be Bootlegged —

So, I had the opportunity to go to PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo, in Seattle. I had a great time, enjoyed the combination old-E3 room and the levels of pure gaming going on, and so on. The concerts were good, I met Wil Wheaton, and got to play a bunch of upcoming games. All in all, I’d do it again, and intend to.

MC Frontalot was in attendance, and so we hung out a bit, and he let me know that one of the panels would show the “It is Pitch Dark” video we shot as a “World Premiere”. Naturally, I went along for the ride and was in the room. It was the first thing they played, and audience reaction seemed good for suddenly being subjected to a 5 minute video out of the blue.

So, someone bootlegged it! Held up what was either a cell-phone camera or a regular camera (I can’t tell) and just flat-out recorded the thing in shaky-cam auto-focus majesty, then put it on YouTube.

Am I annoyed? Nah. Imagine that I have something I made people consider worthwhile to sneak out to the world. That’s pretty cool. I won’t link to their site, though. Frontalot indicated he will probably put the video out for general download soon, and so will I, at that point. There’s a lot of detail missed in this shaky-cam wonder, so you might want to get the point and then watch the “real” thing later.

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  1. Jason … now that it’s out would you consider a higher quality version. 😉

  2. Church says:

    This is great. Nice to hear the crowd reactions.

    (And if that’s a camera phone, I want one!)