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Greetings Internet Warrior: To Mirror the Past —

The leaves turn color

The forums await your skill

To prevail is all

As we wind down our time together, Internet Warrior, I will show you one last technique. It is insidious, a rampant virus that can pull down not just a thread but all further discussion on that sub-board. It is to be handled carefully, as one carries a multi-faceted knife. This technique is to mirror the past.

In any discussion, one must merely bring up the past; wistfully, happily, as one recalls all good things in one’s history. Then, standing back, your victims will too recount their own pasts, sharing a smile at the times that have passed between them.

Boy, we’ve come a long way, haven’t we? I remember when it was just a couple people who know about this… now the entire scene is filled with people who don’t know where we came from….

So insidious is this technique, warrior, that you should only consider it a last result, when all other attempts to dominate have failed. Your enemies will fall upon each other with vigor, each working to outdo each other in nostalgia and memory, of details and ideas they’d thought no-one would have cared to hear, until you designated it the coin of the realm.

I wish you well, Internet Warrior, in all your studies and in all forums you will dominate and destruct in the pursuit of victory.

What is that, you ask?

No, it is merely some dust that has caught itself in your teacher’s eye.

Now go.

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