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Greetings Internet Warrior: Blur in Clear Sight —

We have come so far in so short a time, Internet Warrior. Your deft appraisal of our lessons and the skill which you have shown in using them brings to mind the memory of xxMartin56xx, who could drag a conversation regarding beekeeping into a forum-destroying political meltdown. Perhaps you too will be spoken of in these halls after your passage.

As our teachings progress, Internet Warrior, so too do the subtleness of our discipline and our techniques. The best Warrior appears to be a contributing member, willing to share his information and attention with his opponents, until it is too late to have known otherwise. A mis-step will lead to your discovery, but a sure-footed stance and deftness of touch will ensure victory.

To Blur in Clear Sight is to become the ultimate double-agent; appearing to be the most productive of a forum while quietly ruining it. Beyond the destruction of a thread, beyond the lifting of heads away from the matter at hand, to Blur in Clear Sight is to render the entire idea of conversation moot and mortally wounded.

I see you shift uneasily where you stand, unsure where to begin. This is normal, for it is a mode of thinking so insidious that you are lying nearly to yourself in your efforts to control and fling the conversation into blessed and enveloping darkness. Watch carefully.

Hey there, first time poster to this movie board. Some quick thoughts.

Hitchcock is one of my favorite directors. I’ve seen everything of his I could find, from the Lodger up through to Family Plot. I am having a lot of trouble finding some of the other early works on DVD and perhaps someone can tell me some of the more reputable DVD firms to purchase copies of them (I’ve gotten burned on some of the resellers at conventions and would prefer to “buy honest”, as it were). I’ve also read a bunch of biographies of the man and he just gets more fascinating the further and further I look into him; I’m especially tickled pink by his escapades under the studio system and his television appearances. I wouldn’t mind discussing some of the more controversial statements he made, either. There’s a sense of wonder in the way he planned his movies and the approach he took to the composition of the frame. I’ve made the occasional home movie to try and replicate this approach (mail me if you’re interested in having a copy of some of them; VHS quality only, sorry). I don’t know of many other movie directories who’ve planned their works this extensively any other time in the mid-20th century, but wouldn’t mind hearing of them, should there be some films I should watch. Properly addressed, I should get to everyone, thanks so much for having this forum!

Your eyes unfocus reading this paragraph, Warrior, and that is how it should be. It is tiring, sapping of energy in every turn. It provides a number of opinions but then requires facts, endless seas of facts that would require research and effort on the part of the community to fulfill. In a deluge of queries and statements, the reader must divest themselves of points uninteresting to them while struggling to find points worth pursuing. All indications are that answering your queries, time-consuming they may be, will result in yet more cascades of topics and investigation. In this way, you drown your opponents, not in a deep and avoidable lake, but in a consistent six inches of wet, slippery mud.

Left alone, your messages will signal a poison, carefully hidden within a gleaming fruit of energy and enthusiasm. The forum’s topics will blur, lost in a haze of your messages, until no enemy who knows his territory will venture there further.

You smile, Internet Warrior… you see the masterstroke in this. Take a walk with me; we will ponder the endless and shifting forms of nature and compose these quicksand paragraphs together. None shall stand against you once you have mastered them.

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