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Frontalot Video Released (Sort of) —

Entry written on August 9th.

Frontalot finally released my video of his text adventure song. However, a caveat: you have to be a member of his Valued Sucker Program to grab a copy. So, for the moment it’s “out there” but only in a limited fashion.

Remember, this thing is ending up on the GET LAMP final DVD set, with a high-def version available besides a typical DVD viewable one, so it’s not like it’ll never see the light of day as a fully-available thing. It’ll also be licensed Creative Commons NC-SA, so you’ll be able to pass it around at that time, in 2008.

I was sent a very breathless fan mail that went to Frontalot, which was under the impression that the mass of stuff behind Frontalot was his own basement; whoops no, that mess is mine, and that’s all part of my various collections I’ve been getting over the years. Frontalot brought his costume and his dancing skills and the rest is all my own junk.

I’ve covered this whole project extensively over the last few months, so I’ll just show you a cool picture. Here’s my favorite shot that one of the crew took of the shoot:

Proof I did the actual shooting of the video, I guess. But also showing how things look differently from a few feet back when you’re constructing an artifice.

People are now seeing it! Hope they’re enjoying it.

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