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Kaminsky: The Rematch! —

So, the good news is that, due to a late change from the Defcon organizing staff, I am no longer worried about being scheduled opposite Dan Kaminsky.

Now I’m merely scheduled after him. Same room. I wonder if our audiences are even the same?

Just to talk a little about how I approach these presentations, especially in a space I’ve never spoken in before:

I make a point of always “walking the room” a couple times before my slot. Just a few pacings back and forth on the stage will help me realize where I need to look, what needs to be focused on, how the crowd will regard me. With DEFCON only in the second year in the new location, and this being the first year they’ve basically stretched out (there was, of all things, a dart-playing convention sharing space last year), it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

So instead of Friday at 9pm, I am speaking on Saturday at 2pm. So there we go.

And here’s the DEFCON schedule with all the various speakers listed in it. Five speaking tracks… that’s a lot of tracks.

As mentioned earlier, I will be at the Classic Gaming Expo this coming weekend, then I fly back to Boston to see Negativland perform, then I fly BACK for Defcon. This is crazy, but I’m a pretty big Negativland fan.

And speaking of speaking, the Black and White Ball in the UK was cancelled, meaning I composed a big historical speech on ARC vs. ZIP and have nowhere to give it. Maybe someone with a tiny conference would like it done there. Write in.

(A better set of entries for next week, I promise.)

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  1. Ryan Russell says:

    Wow, long talk, ‘eh?

    Yeah, glancing at the schedule, looks like Dan and your talks are the ones I will attend.

  2. They didn’t change ours (unfortunately), so we’re still doing ours at 3pm on Friday. Not a prime time slot I’m guessing, but still exciting.

    My brain is starting to meltdown at this point as I prepare for the trip, so stop me if I’ve already said this. CommVEx (the Commodore Convention) is also this weekend in Vegas. A few of us will be making a break from CGE at some point and running over there at some point; if you’re interested in going, let me know and you can catch a ride with me. I know a few of us would also like to hit the Pinball Hall of Fame while we’re in town as well. No times set on any of that yet.

    For CGE I’ll be at the Riviera; during Defcon I’ll be at the Stratosphere. I’m sure we’ll be in touch before/during the show(s).