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Slow Down —

I spent a good portion of the weekend not doing much of anything.

While at an interview on Friday, I called my buddy Chris and asked if he had some time and a couch. And he did.

So instead of running around, instead of doing a bunch of technical stuff, and instead of touching computers, I hung out and ate fantastic grilled sausages, watched a TV show or two, and drove around a bit through one of my childhood towns with a friend of 25 years and his wife.

While I like having my days full and my life hectic, it pays a little to remember who your friends are; your objects are not your friends. Your friends are your friends. And thanks to a little generosity on my buddy’s part, I got two more days with him. So here’s to you, Chris.

Well, OK, I also drove 600 miles in three days. But still, I was relaxed!

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  1. Fuzzy Taint says:

    You East Coasters are so simple.

    I once drove 700 miles in a DAY. There and back. I considered it a commute.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the FINE photo of me, Jay.

    May you forever be condemned as a film-making Sisyphus, you evil one!

  3. Jason Scott says:

    I thought it was a fine photo of you, you bastard!

    And ALL of my films are Sisyphean.