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See? I knew there’d be a benefit to reading my weblog eventually. Or, at least, a benefit for some people.

Obviously, when I make a documentary, I need a lot of help. Among the help is a series of tools, ranging from the mechanical (HVX-200, piles of energy drink cans), to scripts and software. And among those scripts are little efforts that generate web pages to help me keep track of potential interviewees and completed interviews. The idea is, after the whole thing’s wrapped up, I put the resultant pages up and people are very happy with the ability to see all the names and backstories and history of the interviews. I hate it when people put up documentary websites that give you crappy flash intros and obviously-designed-by-an-up-and-coming-art-student pages but not a whole lot of actual researched “meat”. I’m not sure why that happens a lot. Maybe people focus too much on the wrong things.

So, I’ve got these pages that are generated by my scripts that have been helping me along for the past year and a half. I’d like to share them early, because I want to make sure I’m not missing people that could really add to the quality of GET LAMP.



Some caveats. Obviously this is a rough beta; I’m inviting people who read my junk to take a look over and help me clean up the most obvious whoppers before it gets directly affiliated with the site.

The idea with the cast pages is they will eventually look like the Scott Adams, Lance Micklus and Steve Meretzky pages. I’d also like to get the photo pages up around where they are for Austin Seraphin although I suspect I’m going to touch up the layout a bit better.

I am doing this to spur myself to the next phase of things; I’ll be filming into September (hopefully the UK trip will be the last of my filming for this documentary) and hopefully be on track for it coming out early in 2008. Only three years of production this time!

Now go be merciless.

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  1. Josh Renaud says:

    Wow, you learn something new every day. I saw the “Jon Radoff” and I immediately wondered if it was the same Jon Radoff who wrote Space Empire Elite, a door game for Atari BBSes. And it turns out he is one and the same!

    SEE inspired the SR Games by Amit and Mehul Patel. And it’s one of my favorite games of all time. So I’m looking forward to seeing Jon’s contributions to the DVD, presumably about his MMORPG project.