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Over time, I’ve tried to move sites out of my house. My connection can’t take it and it slows down my 24/7 leeching. The big one was CD.TEXTFIILES.COM, which is extremely popular among the “I will now bear down with the awesome power of this fully functioning T-3” crowd.

Finally, tonight, my hosting provider Tranquil Hosting assisted me in installing a 750gb drive into the main machine, and after just a little downtime, the system is back up running CD.TEXTFILES.COM at a much greater speed and availability than before.

Shortly, I’ll port up the scripts that notice untoward amounts of downloads and that lock out said leechers. You may be surprised that I do this, but I’m not kidding when I say I’ve watched people initiate 30 or more high-speed connections simultaneously and saturate whatever network the machine is on. That ain’t cool, and unless anyone’s not gotten the memo, has no advertising. So if you want a copy of the whole site, do what a bunch of people have done and e-mail me about sending over a hard drive for me to copy it onto. I honestly do it.

Before we shut the machine down, we checked the uptime. 665 solid days of Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks to Mark Price and TQ Hosting for that; it’s nice to be able to focus on the important stuff, like copyrightable dances and text-adventure-referencing rap videos.

Now fire up your browser; we got some history to share at modern speeds.

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  1. VII says:

    Now fire up your browser; we got some history to share at modern speeds.
    Several posts have mentioned, so I think I’ll have to check out some shareware classics (It’s a historical endeavour of course…).

    The coolest thing so far was pointing somebody to the ACiD collection to hear “Oh sweet, I DID stuff on there!”.