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And Then It All Goes Crazy —

From this moment on, my next 5 months are spoken for. I’m travelling to New Jersey, Las Vegas, California, Seattle, Chicago, and a rash of other cities. Some of them multiple times. I’m also going to a bunch of events, ranging from pinball expositions to classic gaming expos to computer festivals to just driving endlessly.

Meanwhile, I am going to be editing this film, filming more interviews, and trying to get any of a bunch of things done.

It’s almost paralyzing, how much is before me. But I wanted it, I asked for it, so down I go.

Let’s see what breaks first, and how fast this thing goes.

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  1. C says:

    Have a nice trip!

  2. Are you going to CGE in Vegas? I’m torn; it’s a week before Defcon, which is also in Vegas. I could go and stay over two weekends, although I suspect 9 days in Vegas could drive leave me bankrupt, an alcoholic, or both.