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Some small ideas, probably to be developed in future entries.

Dear Guys Who Purchase the BBS Documentary From Other Lands: I love you very much and I feel a bond with you, but when you request that I list the “value” of the documentary set to be $10 and the designation of the package to be “gift”, you are requesting that I commit a federal crime, mail fraud, which will result in a jail term that I myself will have to serve and not you. So don’t request that I do that, or, at least, be surprised when I don’t.

In 1988, one of my college teachers at Emerson college wrote up a note in my permanent record (I found it later doing a search) in which she talked about my suspicious behavior and her worry that I was cheating in her class. What was I doing? Bringing a laptop to take notes. She was unable to find a way to knock back my grade, however, so no harm, no foul.

It has been over a year of filming for GET LAMP. I better finish that up. A smattering of letters goes out this week and then I will have hopefully scheduled and initiated final discussions for remaining interviews (others inevitably pop up but these will be bonuses).

It is a major problem that people both laud the wonder of the internet’s ability to spread information, and are quick as vipers to turn on information they don’t like because “it just some crap on the Internet”. There’s money and power to be made in reputation systems, or maintaining a gold standard on specific websites. Of course, once you do that, it stops being cheap and it can’t just be one or two people anymore. But until this schizophrenia is addressed, we’re kind of in a bad way because everything is going online.

One side effect of being a collector is that you tend to want things to ‘end’ because once they do so, they’re more easily collectible. This is somewhat incompatible with people who generally want something they appreciate to never end. I’m going to stick with the ‘end’ crowd because nothing seems to be worse than something that hasn’t ended but kind of really has.

I was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) about 7 years back… but it’s workin’ for me!

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