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People like the internet. They like the ease of communication, the simple markup language that creates what used to be a thousand-dollar brochure for pennies, and the world-wide reach granted each and every entity within it. This is fantastic! They can finally sell their shit to people they don’t have to corner at parties and harangue for 20 minutes.

But they don’t really like the internet. They hate the ease of downloading, the copy/paste keyboard commands so many machines come with, the speed at which that special photograph of a bee can be repurposed, remixed, redone and put up elsewhere without their knowledge or consent. In fact, it’s possible it could be done dozens of times and they’d never even know it or could even recognize their own stuff if they found it.

So they do the natural thing: they go psychotic. They put their stuff up, and then add a contract to their website that you implicitly sign onto when you browse them. They don’t hold you back from viewing it until you explicitly agree. That’s hard! Also less people would browse, and more people browsing is good. So basically, they kind of make up this sort of mirror-world law that they think they have.

I get letters occasionally; people explaining to me how the world works inside their heads and what amazing forces they have at their disposal to stop me from doing what they think I shouldn’t do, with regards to my various websites. Occasionally they’re right and hurt feelings are repaired, but other people would be much more interesting to me if they threatened me with some sort of dragon-lion mix that they claimed was going to come through my window. That has zest.

We truly live now in the age of the true amateur; the amateur scholar, the amateur lawyer, and the amateur law enforcer. I can say one thing about amateur night: it’s pretty damned entertaining.

These flexible curtains of text, like the ones I pasted from above, are draped all over the place online right now; they’re hastily nailed-up NO TRESPASSING signs with no ability to enforce the demands behind them. Not to diminish the honest concerns behind the people who use them, but I can vouch that my immediate and instant reaction is to hit the ‘Download All’ button.

…so if you lose your website, give me call; I’ll give you my backup.

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  1. Great, thanks. Now I owe Maggi Norris $5,000 just for reading that.

  2. Shii says:

    Happy Halloween!
    My darling,
    What could be more mysterious and classic than black roses from a vampire lover? Will you spend eternity with this creature of the night? Only the taste of your kiss can quench this thirst…
    Good god this is the worst love letter ever written. Whoever wrote this needs to get over themselves and get some sunshine.
    Copyright Infringer

    Well, I modified one of the posts on her website that doesn’t belong to her, breaking 3 of her rules at once. Where should I send the $6000 for the rights to this shit? I guess I’ll post it here and you can pay, Jason.

  3. Jeff Milner says:

    Whilst this kind of thing is entertaining, it’s so stupid it makes my blood boil. I don’t even know where to start.

    The thing is I’ve made websites for people who think like this, and it’s such a process to try and get their head around the way the Internet actually works.