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Notacon and Blockparty: Deadlines Approach —

If you were on the fence about attending my demoparty being held at Notacon at the end of the month, this is the time to jump over to the light. The hotel is filling, the preparations are being made, and it becomes easier for everyone to know how many folks are showing up.

Naturally, you can wait until the last moment (assuming the event doesn’t sell out and you can still get in when you show up), but it’ll make for better planning if you pre-register now.

I’ve really gone crazy-go-nuts trying to assemble a great set of speakers (this in addition to the already-great lineup that Notacon put together), and I’ll be running a few events, and I’ll even be punching Wikpedia in the face live on the stage! Who could ask for more?

Towards the last week of April, things heat up for me as I’ll be putting the final touches on various projects and then driving to Cleveland from Massachusetts for the event. I’m sure I’ll have pictures galore, but I’d rather you be in them than browse them.

See you there.

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