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I’m always acquiring new computer history in various forms to add to my collections. Sometimes it’s as simple as an e-mail attachment, and other times it’s physical artifacts. In yet other cases, I get sent stuff in the mail in great and terrifying piles:

These come from an Ebay auction held by a Mr. Tadros. 120 pounds of Apple II related material, including a monitor, two Apple ][+ machines (one loaded with cards), a pile of printouts, a pile of software, a pile of books, a pile of manuals, and a pile of other related material.

We talked a bit on the phone about all this stuff. He got the computer in 1979 and for a machine that is basically 28 years old, it looks brand new. He also added a bunch of cards, and kept the original boxes for a lot of this stuff, so it’s currently still packed in them. As for machines themselves, it’s interesting to see all the little tricks and hacks done to the Apples to make them run better; a mod for lowercase, a card to add 16k of memory, connectors for serial cables, all stuck into this old casing that Wozniak designed for people to do just these sorts of things.

So what happens to all this? Well, everything scannable will be scanned and put on DIGITIZE.TEXTFILES.COM; the disk images that aren’t private material will be scanned in and put online, with the textfiles specially removed to go on; the BBSes mentioned in printouts and in textfiles will go on the BBS List, and I will carefully make a place for all this stuff in my lab. So, I like to think, this has all gone to a good home. More will be told about stuff from this collection as it comes to light.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am insanely jealous!

  2. beoba says:

    An upgradeable mac? Who’d a thunk it?