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Blockparty UPDATE: Blockparty Invitation! —

The Demo Party I’m co-organizing in April just got a boost: the release of our official invite, which gives you some details about the party and hypnotizes you into wanting to go. Please go ahead and download it. (Requires Direct X 9 and Windows).

There’s a tradition that’s now many years old of a demoparty putting out an “invite” in the form of a program, which contains effects and music and tells you to go. It’s like writing a song that invites you to a song-writing contest. In fact, a number of the interactive fiction (text adventure) competitions over the years have included invitations or ballots in the form of text adventures…

The production was done by Northern Dragons, who are attending the event and entering a few contests; and you can see the general “scene” getting their shots in at the Pouet forums.

If you were only idly thinking about BLOCKPARTY and NOTACON before, this is your time to jump in. Pre-registrations are still cheap, it’s a fantastic event, and I’m going to be working my butt off to add a layer of fun on top of the already-existent fun that the Notacon folks pack into their conference. I promise you… a fantastic time awaits.

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