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If what you want is an hour of me dominating a podcast to talk about myself, then you’re in luck. I’m the most recent interviewee on the Small WORLD podcast. It’s been mostly interviewing musicians lately, but someone was nice enough to suggest to the host that I be interviewed. We conducted it earlier this week between 11:30pm and 12:30am, and to the credit of Joseph, the host, he asked me a metric ton of off-beat questions and got me to launch into arcs involving childhood, temp jobs and my documentary style.

I’m always up for a good interview. Hell, it’s me talking about me, and as the quote at the top of this page says, I’m my own favorite subject. I’ve been interviewed in person, via Skype, and over my cell phone. It’s a great time, and I like the different ways different hosts have to handle the problem of I never shut up. Some stammer, some gently interrupt, and some just let me go off the handle for 45 minutes and then edit things down to a human-sized amount.

Anyway, great show, worth listening to if Jason Scott is a subject you can’t get enough of.

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