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So that’s the question obviously being posited on this weblog: can I create something worth reading, roughly six days a week? I’ll end up getting behind, but I intend to keep this up until I run out of things to say, subjects to cover. I’ll try not to repeat myself, try not to fall into the typical blog blandness of dropping names of friends who you couldn’t possibly care about. I’ll try and avoid using terms like “lazyweb” and “intarwebs” and “me like” that people who are hip and yet not hip use to show they really don’t care about expressing themselves beyond demanding things of strangers.

Why take on such a possibly punishing schedule? Because I like challenges. Because I obviously like writing. Because I need to get into the habit of writing well, and doing so in volume. I have books to write, essays to write, articles to throw in other directions. I have ideas that need refining.

But most of all, the idea of six days a week of writing without repeating myself scares me. I use fear as an indicator of “good idea”. This doesn’t work with, say, testing the safety of equipment. But it works pretty well for projects. If I sprinkle a little fearful idea here and there, I find the project is better.

Along with this will likely come a little bit of a redesign of some sort. I don’t currently intend to change the white-on-black coloring scheme; there’s just too many complaints from people, whining I don’t look like Everything Else, to just fall for that yet. But maybe I could stand to have some sort of option where you could change the colors for yourself if you’d prefer. The formatting breaks on the page, renders wrong; I should sit down and fix that. I should do a lot of things, and having constant new content will inspire me to try to fix it up for the better.

The fundamental question, of course, is do I really have all that much to say? I honestly don’t know.

I guess I’m going to find out.

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  1. Will says:

    Hey if you’re looking for redesign tips, the first thing that I do when I get to this site is to triple the font size to make it readable. Maybe my 29yrold eyes are getting bad, but the font is waaaay to small.

  2. Matthijs says:

    While you’re fixing things, please add paragraphs to the rss feed. This does not read well:

  3. Michael Kohne says:

    Well, if you don’t want to go to black on white, perhaps green on black? That would, I think, be a little easier on the eyes. I personally would vote for black on white because the white on black makes my eyes do funny things, but that’s just me.

    Will – if the font size is too small, you probably need to adjust your browser.

  4. fuzz says:

    I usually hit Ctrl & + in Firefox to up the text size a bit, and yeah, the whit on black makes even my young(ish) eyes go funny, but I figured I could moan about it when I’d whipped up a new bit of css for jason to use as an alternative…maybe I’ll still get round to it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re charismatic enough that i have no doubt you could become an influential blogger. However, as a faithful reader, i’ll be happy no matter how often you update. I hope increased blogging won’t take time from your documentary activities.

  6. Jason Scott says:

    My projects and other efforts will always take precedence over the weblog entries. No sense postponing stuff I’m doing to describe stuff I’ve done. In this case, I will backdate and catch up.

  7. Jon-o says:

    I’m in the minority, but I say just use the default font size. Let the browser – and its owner – decide how big the text should be!

    The only ‘problem’ with this is that so many sites explicitly set a (usually pixel-based!) tiny font size that a *normal* site looks very large in comparison!

    Yet another ridiculous situation in web design…

  8. Krisjohn says:

    If I hadn’t found:

    …recently, I’d be arguing for black on white, but instead I think you just need to soften it a little. After reading these pages my eye hurt — though they’re not too bad at the moment, have you already changed the white to a light grey?

    A bigger font wouldn’t hurt either, some of us read this from our Wiis.

  9. Jason Scott says:

    On the advice of counsel, with the part of “counsel” being played by over 100 e-mails and phone calls, the weblog has been redesigned to “hurt” people a little less.